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Q) Why are you closed? Who made this decision?

A) We are following Governor Mike DeWine’s executive order to close all Health and Fitness facilities.  As a government run agency, we are doing what is necessary to help mitigate the potential risk of spreading COVID-19.


Q)  How long are you closed?

A) Effective close of business, Sunday, March 15, at 9:00 p.m., the Natatorium will be closed for three weeks. The situation with COVID-19 is ongoing and is being closely monitored. We will keep you updated if additional changes occur regarding the length of time that facility operations are suspended.


Q) Can I get a refund or time added to my pass?

A) The Natatorium will add time onto the monthly or annual pass, in the same value of time that the facility is closed.  We are not issuing refunds at this time. 


Q) Will my annual pass be bank-drafted March 28th?

A) Yes.  

You will see the March bank draft was withdrawn (business day Monday, March 30th) as scheduled.  Reason being, 1) the bank drafting process takes several weeks in coordination with the bank.  All accounts were in the cue prior to the closure date of March 16th.  2) With the information at that time of a three week closure until April 6th, the Natatorium was to add the three weeks on the back end of each pass upon this March draft. Those three weeks will still be added.

Should the Natatorium be in a position of closure past the initial three weeks (April 6th), the Natatorium will halt further bank drafts from here forward.  All contracts will pick up accordingly at the time we re-open and bank drafting will resume at that time.

Lastly, we are following Governor DeWine and the Health Director's mandates as it applies to closure status.  No official re-open date has been declared by these parties. We will continue to update this information.

Any accounts that have been paid in full for the year up front, will have the entire closure time added to their pass.


Q) For pre-paid Karate, Tai Chi, Karate Kids, what happens now?

A) The value paid for these programs will be applied when classes resume.  You will be charged for classes that you attend.


Q) What about the swim lesson session that began March 9th week?

A) The Spring I session scheduled to begin the March 9th week was disrupted due to the COVID 19 mandates.  Therefore, those who paid via credit for this session will be refunded on their credit card.  Those who paid via check or cash will receive a check refund in the mail.  


Q) I have a private party in the community wing, is that still on?  What about a splash party?

A) Private events will not be canceled. We advise the renter to follow CDC recommendations as necessary but these are excluded from the executive order. Splash parties will be canceled during this time. Families will be contacted and offered alternative options. 

For all Western Reserve physical therapy inquires please call 330-926-0386.


The Natatorium will use this closure time to address facility and aquatics deep cleaning and maintenance tasks.



Visitor Notice

A valid government issued photo ID (i.e. Driver's License, Military ID, Passport, State Issued ID) for anyone 16 years of age and older is required for single entry visits, monthly passes and annual memberships.