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land fitness classes


classintensity keyWe offer many classes featuring a range of intensity from the beginner to the elite user.  All land classes are included for free with your daily, monthly or annual pass. Take a look at our Silver Schedule of classes, which are geared toward, but not limited to people 60 and over. We welcome people who are recovering from injuries or those who are brand new to fitness.You must be at least 14 years old to participate in our classes.

*All programs and schedules are subject to change.



New Land Fitness Schedule

  14 trx class                   Drum class                  Aux gym silver class

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60 minute Pilates style core movements, flexibility, strength with a variety of equipment: weights, rings, balls & bands


Boot Camp


60 minute Intense drills & workout stations. no choreography

classintensity 4star



60 minute with various strength and balance moves, improving core and balance, utilizing the BOSU™ 

classintensity 4star

Cardio Hi/Lo

  60 minute non-stop cardio class, utilizing on different days: hi/lo cardio on the floor. Strength/ conditioning segments are included in every class. classintensity 3star
Cardio, Hip Hop, Line Dance   60 minute class with a fusion of cardio, hip hop, AND line dancing with an attitude! classintensity_2star.png
Core, Strength, Balance   50 min. class that targets the whole body core and strength. No cardio classintensity 2star
Silver Cardio/Chisel   60 minute class designed for patrons 60 and over incorporating simple cardio patterns with light hand weights. classintensity 2star
Spinning   60 minute non-weight bearing classes taught by certified Mad Dogg Spinning instructors on Indoor bikes. All fitness levels. There are some height requirements for bike use. classintensity 4star
Insane Cardio  

60 minute high intensity floor cardio

classintensity 4star



60 minute high intensity class using martial arts style movements

classintensity 3star

Totally Fit


60 min. class that's a combination of strength and cardio exercises using weights, resistance tubing, bars, and med balls.

classintensity 4star



60 minutes. A fusion of Latin and International music with easy-to-follow dance moves which creates a dynamic aerobic fitness system that works the entire body. No weights used.

classintensity 3star



60 minute strength class targeting all the major muscle groups of the body to improve muscular endurance and strength utilizing weights, bands, body bars, and more.

classintensity 3star



Premium paid class: Martial arts program promoting strength, flexibility, control and cardio fitness. New classes start at the beginning of each month.  Ages 12 and up.  Membership required, sold as a 3 month program $54. Visit Katate page.

For Karate' Kids see youth programming.




45 minute class working several muscles groups simultaneously for a cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training workout. Strong core strength required. Class size limited. Fees do not include entrance into facility.

classintensity 4star

Pure Pilates

  60 minute Mat Pilates includes the basic series of exercises upon which the entire Pilates method is built. Simple props, Pilates rings, straps, and small balls may be used. classintensity 2star
Silver Chisel/Ball  

60 minute class in which the mature participant will use light hand weights and floor work to improve functional strength, flexibility, and balance.

classintensity 2star
Silver Fitness  

60 minute of strengthening exercises for your whole body in one class, created with the mature exerciser in mind.

classintensity 2star
SilverSneakers Classic®  

45 minute SilverSneakers class of toning and/or cardio while seated or standing with weights, bands, or balls.

classintensity 1star
Strength/Cardio   60 minute high intense cardio intervals alternating with strength segments. classintensity 3star
T'ai Chi  

Premium paid class: The Ancient art of Chinese Tai Chi helps improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Advanced & Intermediates classes available.

Membership required.Sold as a 3 month program $36

TRX Strength   60 minute class utilizing the TRX Suspension Training System in addition to Boot Camp training cardio and strength stations. classintensity 4star

Beginning Yoga


A variety of poses and alignments; a continuous class.

classintensity 2star

Intermediate (Vinyassa)


The unique linking of one Asana (posture) to the next in continuous flow, orchestrating balance and breathing techniques.

classintensity 4star
All Levels Yoga  

Instructional Yoga class for beginners through intermediate levels

classintensity 2star


Visitor Notice

A valid government issued photo ID (i.e. Driver's License, Military ID, Passport, State Issued ID) for anyone 16 years of age and older is required for single entry visits, monthly passes and annual memberships.